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Welcome to the FRONTIERS Lore Wiki

What is this site?

This is where the FRONTIERS team shares the in-game lore we've come up with. It's a living, breathing design document that will be continually updated throughout development. It's also a place where Journeyman+ level backers can come to gather background information for their books, structures, NPCs and so on.

Why can't I view some of the pages?

We're keeping a few secrets for now. This includes anything directly related to the central narrative, to side quests, to spoilery backstory or to anything else we don't want revealed before the game has been released. The rest we're considering 'spoiler free' - but beware! If you don't want any of the game's secrets revealed before you play it, best to avoid this site altogether.

Why are there inconsistencies?

This is a work in progress so expect to run across mistakes and outdated information. Sometimes major changes can take a while to find their way into every relevant article.

Can I edit this wiki?

No, only developers are allowed to edit this wiki. Once we're no longer using it as a design document we'll open it up to the public.

I have a suggestion / I've spotted a mistake / I think [x] is stupid

Great! I'll set up a comments / suggestions forum in the Backer's Corner so you can post your ideas. We're open to any & all constructive criticism.

I need to know [x] about [y] on date [z] in order to write my book

If you have a specific question you need answered, head over to the forums and post it in Harrison's lore Q&A thread.

Histories, Legends & Myths




Histories by Subject


The Pre-Warlock Civilization


Regions (Current-day information and recent history only)

List of Regions by Name

Apple Valley ( New Regions Template )

Cities & Settlements

Apple Valley Significant NPCs ( New NPCs Template )


Cities & Settlements

Benneton Significant NPCs


Cities & Settlements

  • TBD

Brutentumme Significant NPCs

Golden Coast

Cities & Settlements

Golden Coast Significant NPCs


Cities & Settlements

Highlands Significant NPCs


Cities & Settlements

Riverbog Significant NPCs


Cities & Settlements

Terrainia Significant NPCs


Cities & Settlements

Wetlands Significant NPCs


Cities & Settlements

Willowpeak Significant NPCs

Endless Desert

Organizations (Current-day information and recent history only)

Pathfinder's Guild ( New Organizations Template )

Warlocks (Main Warlock Article)



Game Info



Crafting Recipes

City Naming Rules

Complete List of...

File Drawer

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