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  • Examine - Gives you information about interactive items.
  • Update Map - Reveal your map as you explore and mark down new locations and paths.
  • Follow Path
  • Improve Path - Move path markers in an existing trail to improve the path.


  • Fast Travel - Travel using your world map instead of on foot. Once you have this skill you can travel to any landmark that are marked as visited, provided it is connected to your current location by a path.
  • Spyglass - With this skill you can reveal distant locations.
  • Name Landmark - Fast travel requires landmarks such as waystones or structures. In the wild these may be scarce. This skill enables you to create and name your own landmarks.
  • Sell Map - Guild maps are in high demand, and a complete guild map will fetch a high price. With this skill you can sell your guild map to any character, provided they want it. The value of your map is based on how much of it has been revealed & increases exponentially. When you sell your map is value returns to zero (since that map will be duplicated) so it pays to hold out before selling. For information about the values of map items see your region map.
  • Alter Path - This skill enables you to add and remove path markers & landmarks from an existing path.


  • Triangulate - With this spell you can mark locations as 'visited' without actually visiting them. This enables fast travel to unvisited locations.
  • Light Travel - Fast Travel at no cost when your inventory is below a specified weight.
  • Create Campsite - Campsites reduce the cost of Fast Travel and make it easier to find fresh water. This skill lets you create a campsite near any fresh water source.
  • Create Path - Create a new path starting from any existing landmark.


  • Hang Glider - Leap from any high place and glide down to the ground.
  • Horseback - Riding horseback is the equivalent of Sprint Faster without the strength limit.
  • Guild Library - Grants you access to the Guild's extensive (and well-guarded) library, which is available at any Guild outpost. Thse libraries contain a wealth of information that can be hard to find elsewhere.
  • Reclaim Region - (TBD: this skill may be removed)


  • Claim New Region - Claim a new region in the name of the Guild.