Deniel Uriston

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Deniel Uriston, 40

  • Profession: Chief Scryer
  • Location: Scryer's Guild, Laufgren, Terrainia
  • Head of the Scryer's Guild, a group focused on Archaeology and collecting Obexian and Warlock artifacts

Immediate Family

  • Parents:
    • Father Henry Uriston, Deceased (previous Chief Scryer)
    • Mother unknown, deceased
  • Spouse: None
  • Siblings:
    • Brother Jonas Uriston, 30
  • Children: None


Deniel Uriston is an Archaeologist, Linguist, and professor. He is, most especially, the Chief Scryer. The Uristons were long friends... or perhaps rivals, of the Bennetons, as both families are known for their adventures. While the Bennetons traveled and adventured for adventure's sake, the Uristons were collecting artifacts and developing an entire school of thought focused on understanding the past. He is a very serious man with a scar across the bridge of his nose. This professor is not a stuffy bookworm.

Lately Deniel Uriston leads the Scryer's Guild, and he is hot on the trail of cracking the codex of a large and ancient - perhaps the oldest - Warlock artifact (which may serve as the rosetta stone of Obex language?)

Quote: "That should be in a reliquary, Benneton. Don't let this be the second time I've had to take something from your family."


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