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Modern Calendar Systems

Merchant's Calendar

The current system of dating used in Kantvarld is the Merchant's Calendar, which uses the date of the signing of the Merchant's Peace as its origin year and was instituted in 17 AG. Dates prior to the year of year of the Merchant's Peace are marked as "Fora Grid" (FG), while dates after the Merchant's Peace are marked as "Ar Grid" (AG). The Merchant's Calendar spread quickly throughout Kantvarld upon its introduction, and is the only calendar currently in use.

Imperial Calendar

Prior to the Merchant's Calendar, the Imperial Calendar was used, which used the beginning of the Three Hundred Year War (497 FG) as its origin date but was instituted by a descendant of Bruce Edmund in 331 FG. Dates in the Imperial Calendar are marked as "Imperium Regulare" (IR), with dates prior to the start of the war using negative numbers. For much of its existence, the Imperial Calendar was a scholarly creation, meant to help with the dating of historic battles and reconciliation of differing accounts.

Ancient Calendar Systems

Prior to the Imperial Calendar, the settlers of Kantvarld used regnal dating. Dates in Terrainia would indicate the year of the king's reign (ex. "In the second year of the reign of King Polvar"). The system of dates was then dependent upon a knowledge of royal lineage, varied from region to region, and was generally confusing for people who wished to talk about the past, especially given the tendency of royalty to repeat names. It is unknown what dating system the First Settlers used, though it is assumed that they had one.

Many of the warlocks now use the Merchant's Calendar, but the warlock system of keeping track of history relies on a sequence of events rather than a strict counting of years (ex. "Between the Great Sailing and the Nightmare Master"). While there are many significant events in warlock history, the choice of which events to use as markers is largely arbitrary and down to a combination of personal preference and context.

Days, Months, Years


  • Sun-dag (based on the sun)
  • Moon-dag (based on the moon)
  • Tin-dag (based on the metal tin)
  • Aurnes-dag (based on aurum or gold)
  • Pewtr-dag (based on the metal pewter)
  • Fer-dag (based on ferrous, or iron)
  • Solv-dag (based on the metal silver)


  • Yanubar (30 days)
  • Febubar (31 days)
  • Murabar (30 days)
  • Prilabar (31 days)
  • Majabar (30 days)
  • Yunabar (31 days)
  • Yulabar (30 days)
  • Aurubar (31 days)
  • Sedgebar (30 days)
  • Ogobar (31 days)
  • Novgobar (30 days)
  • Vintobar (31 days)


A year in Kantvarld is 366 days long.

Current Date

The game begins in the year 99 AG.